Nan Fung carries an important role to the textile industry of Hong Kong in the past and its recent renovation to its factory is dedicated to support local developing brands in the industry and become a venue for learning, experiencing and inventing. The installation is designed in respect to its vision and wishes to bring a cheerful celebration to Christmas. 

The installation piece consists of 15 layers of triangles that counter balanced itself with over 250 pieces of 3d-printed figures scattered along individual rail. It is hung in the centre of the atrium, giving different sensation when viewing from various spots. It composes a silhouette of Christmas tree and recreating the scenes of spinning mills factory back in 1970s.

The installation plays with scale to connect the relation between people, the weaving activities and the architecture. The figures of workers are doing different activity in respond to the weaving yarns that enlarged into the scale as they are. It draws the importance and contribution of the activity and lives to the industry. While looking the whole piece of the installation as a single weaving yarn spinning inside the atrium, it speaks to the architecture as the key element and function of the Mills that connects people and place both in the past and the present.

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