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The former Sun House Building was completed in 1977 and mainly functioned as an office tower with retail shops on the ground level. As time passes, the building becomes unpopular following by the decline in its aesthetics, a new design is demanded to change the image of the architecture and adapt the modern progression of the urban fabric.

The project is driven by questioning what is the most suitable working in modern days. We believe working and entertainment are no longer separated but closely related to enhance productivity, especially in the location of a busy business district in HK. We therefore subvert the impression of workspace as tense and stressful with a welcoming and tender home. Sun House accommodate an approximation of 130 private offices, 800 workstations, several floors of co-working space, indoor and outdoor event venues, and a screening room. It is a place not only for working but also socializing with the like-minded and relaxing when needed.

As the original exterior of the building is deteriorated and obsolete, a skin system is introduced as the new façade to the architecture. The metal cladding offers a modern interpretation of the architecture while sustaining a vintage impression. Light bronze fins not only draw the verticality of the architecture aesthetically but also perform as the sun-shading device that enhance energy performance for working environment. The influence of this new intervention continues to the interior as it also diverts attention to the structural columns and modified the old uneven modular system for a better spatial and layout planning.

 The previous design pushes the access of offices lobby below ground and appear inaccessible and inconvenient to the workers and their potential clients. Therefore, to spring a welcoming arrival to new, the redesign presents the entrance lobby on the ground level with receptions and break-out seating.

Lighting become an essential element to portrait spatial concept in the lobby area for an impactful first impression. Against the dark ceiling, is the light bronze rods wrapping and layering with lights hung and arrayed in loops that falls to different heights. Along the corridor of the lift awaiting area, is a wall detailed with bronze dividends and diffuse glass. The combination of light and bronze gentle the luminous effect to the space and give a venerable character to building.

With a horizontal plane, a vast variety of work space are possible to cater people to find and choose what suits them the most. The planning also collides with the idea of coworking by providing a platform for idea exchange and social interactions. Despite a lateral activity flow that the linear plan suggests, the verticality of Sun House continues in its spatial circulation. The degree of privacy gradually elevates as floors go higher, with lobby and club floor on lower levels while office areas carries throughout 4-18/F. The club floors between M/F to 2/F interconnected with a hanging staircase composed by 350 individual roads, spanning between the slabs appearing as music strings. The building finishes off with a brand-new roof garden on top with a panoramic harbor view.


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