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40 UNDER 40 WINNER 2022

Updated: Sep 15, 2023


Design Philosophy:

Born and raised in Hong Kong, I am a young and passionate architect who constantly looking to shape a better living environment for people with my design and innovation. With over decade of experience practising in architecture, i established a unique aesthetic to our creation in SHADOW which combines architectural craftiness with humancentric design. Me and my teams has developed into one of specialist architects in revitalization projects, apart from the renowned Central Market and the Mills, we are currently working on revitalization of Central Pier 3 and Discovery Bay Pier as well. We hope that through successful revitalization design, we are able to conserve great buildings and collective memories for the younger generations to understand more about the history of Hong Kong. Apart from professional works, i am also involved the education of younger generations of architects. I was invited as guest critic to HKU architectural departments , Mastertalk speaker in 25 years of design exhibitions, lecture series for Hong Kong Architectural Centre and to hold study tours for students. I love architecture and design and i hope my design can help create a better environment for generations to come!


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