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Hong Kong


Chinachem Group



2021 (Phase 1) | 2022 (Phase 2)


Revitalisation / Cultural / Heritage / F&B / Retail


4,153 sq.m


Benjamin Lam, Kin Cheong Chan, Sze Wing Chan, Celia Yeh, Ina Fung, Enoch Chu, Rowena Ho, Stefani Lai, Alvin Bunjaya, Rani Li, Jane Chan, Jeffery Chow, Michelle Lo, Kevin Ngai



Central market is a well-preserved Bauhaus building with expressive horizontal lines penetrate throughout the building with touches of streamline modern style.  Through the 21st century transformation, a re-interpretation of the market place with modern designs and technology forms the baseline of the transformation, re-composing the market place into cultural gathering place, a playground for all.


Central market preserved 13 market stalls with 6 different types, the form follows the functions in the old days and illustrated the advancement of material technology at that time.  The transformation is designed with this essence in mind, 35 F&B islands captured the functional details with streamline gesture along the form and shapes. The food streets on second floor reinvents the traditional terrazzo with the streamline modern shapes into individual counters.   The ceiling features re-examine the original white tile design of central market, implementing lighting design and modern curves with original details of black hanging features, reminiscent of old market stalls.


Traditional terrazzo technique was widely founded in central market, all of them are in-situ at old times.  During the transformation, the technique is revitalized with modern technology, over 15 types of terrazzo are invented using pre-fabrication method, applying traditional material with advance technological methods, deriving streamline shapes from past to present.



Central Market’s concept grounds on a boundaryless spatial concept, interweaving food experience, retail-tainment, co-working nature and cultural experience through choreographed spaces, providing a new type of “Playground” experience.


Ground floor of Central Market is interconnected between Queen Victoria Street and Jubilee Street, with the adaptation of new open concept, the central oasis opens up as a green piazza through the openness of bi-folding doors on both sides, providing an open space for both performance and events with cinematic experiences. With 150 open seating and 5G Wi-Fi coverage provided within central market, visitors can truly experience “Anywhere can dine, anywhere can work, anywhere can play”.


Urban Oasis has always been the core value of Central Market, besides the green landscape at the public open space and central oasis, 700 green plants scattered throughout the indoor space of central market, extending the green nature from outdoor to indoor.  400 green plants were used to composed with white planting cubes to formulate a green arcade at 24-hours corridor, a Zen threshold to the restless passer-by.  The whole indoor space is divided into 12 planting areas, 300 plants were used as “Green partitions” to divided and celebrate the spaces, transforming central market into “Central Urban Oasis”.



Central market is beyond historical heritage, but collective memory of Hong Kong people. Memories were distilled and reinvented during the design transformation.

Central market not only embraces the column and grids of original gesture, but also with a collection of 13 original market stalls, historical red brick walls with traces beyond, grand staircase hanging clock and collections of traditional shopsigns and signages.  The immersive heritage experience integrates with technology and QR codes to portrait the everchanging story of Hong Kong, with animated history of central market, offering everchanging experience to visitors of central market.

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