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Inspired by the history of the D.H. Chen Foundation as a major contributor of the textile industry in Hong Kong, elements of the textile industry are embroidered into the office to intensify its character. From the reception table that symbolized the manufacture process of weaving machine to the knitting pattern ‘embroidered’ on the ceiling light box and pin-board wall, are all the representation in respect of the past and founder of the foundation.

The space itself is piece of fabric seamlessly interlacing the ceiling, the wall and floor by bringing curve as the primary solution to corners. Through minimizing sharp edges and drawing on light-toned scheme, the space signified an impression of smoothness and softness. This essence of fluidity does not confine only on physical treatment, but also with its spatial circulation.

As the foundation value initiative and engagement as their core principle, the design prioritizes these spatial qualities in which people’s actions and movements are the significant factor to determine the space. As most space is either open or semi-open, boundaries are defined by people’s action rather than walls.  The office challenges work space as a confined static layout, but embraces a flexible plan by entitling dual functional spaces. Characters of space are not mutually exclusive to serve a specific activity but switchable to adopt the liveliness of everchanging working pattern. The meeting room could be opened and incorporated with the break- out area as a major space for special events, and serve as private meeting room through switchable glass at times. The table tennis table could be also be converted to meeting table to accommodate both leisure and creative activities.

The hardness of wood finishes and floor is mellowed by the insertion fabric panel and carpet, while the transparency of glass partitions is highlighted between the solid white furnish ceiling and the terrazzo floor. With a mild touch of light bronze on details and furniture, the office is polished with elegance and sophistication

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